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  Holiday Rental in Gaios Paxos Greece
There are many types of holiday rental and accomodation available in Paxos ranging from "rooms to let" to villas with pools and hotels. As is common with Greek islands you can find a place to rent easily in any month of the year apart from August. No matter where you end up staying, we wish you enjoy your holidays in Paxos.

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 Restaurant-Taverna for sale or rent
Taka-taka, founded in 1970, is perhaps the best-known taverna-restaurant in Paxos, the capital of Gaios. Gaios is a charming port town and spreads itself along the waterfront.

It is perhaps by no chance that it received a very favourable review in BBC television, some years ago (a VHS copy of the review is available upon request)..

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  Recommended property - Jennys Apartments
Two apartments, one in Gaios square, and another in Bogdanatika (2 km from Gaios). The rooms come with equipped kitchens, furnished and air-conditioned bedrooms, a TV and spacious balconies and terraces. The view from the house’s terrace and bedroom is breathtaking as the sea and the lush island of Agios Nikolas compose a perfect landscape resembling a painting.
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  Paxos (Paxi, Paxoi, Paxous)
Paxos and Antipaxos are situated in the north-west of Greece 14 kilometres south of Corfu, 20 kilometres to the east is Parga on the mainland of Greece. Paxos covers an area of some 19 square kilometres and is one of a cluster of picturesque small islands set in the Ionian Sea (Lat: 38.97, Lon: 23.15). Paxos has no airport and can only be reached by boat from Corfu, Parga, Igoumenitsa, Brindisi & Ancona...
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  Don't Miss!
Is there more to Paxos than the sunny beaches with the turquoise waters, the wonderful sunsets and the olive orchards? Well, the short answer is yes...
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  Gaios (Gais)
Gaios the capital of Paxos is a charming port town and spreads itself along the waterfront. You enter Gaios from a northerly direction passing two small islands, the first at the mouth of Gaios harbour is called Panayia (Virgin Mary) on which there is a splendid white monastery. On the 15th August, Assumption Day the gates of the monastery are open and everyone travels across by boat to the monastery to pay homage...
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 Mythology - History - Etymology
As all the Eptanisa (7 Ionian islands) Paxos has its emblem - in this case the trident. It is said that the god Poseidon, ruler of the seas, wishing to create a beautiful, peaceful island far away from the other gods and men, and intending to live there with his beloved Amfitriti, struck the southern part of Corfu hard and Paxos was formed. With the blow, however, he lost his trident which the Paxiots later found and made their emblem...
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